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Ghost 1: Hey
Ghost 2: Hey
Ghost 1: How did you die??
Ghost 2: I was mistakenly locked up in a
refrigerator. At first, i was chilling, then, i western style garments for the wedding
started freezing, and then, i couldn't
again... i died of suffocation.
Ghost 1: Wow.... what a sad way to die.
Ghost 2: Yeah. How did u die?
Ghost 1: I died of heart attack.
Ghost 2: What happened?
Ghost 1: My wife cheated on me. i came
back home and saw a man's pair of
then, i rushed to the bedroom and met
my wife there. She was naked. i knew
was a man in the house coz my
neighbor told
me. and the man was still in the house
my wife was undressed and scared. so, i
started running and searching the whole
house. i searched in the kid's room,
toilet, bathroom, wardrobe and dinning. i
couldn't find him and i was very tired of
running, so i got a heart attack.
Ghost 2: IDIOT!!!! If u would have
the refrigerator we would have been
alive by now!!! Hahahaha