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Just a little something I wrote to one of my current students. For those past students of mine, read it and may it assist in your growth as an artist : )

Scooby doo (not their name), I often found you to be either scared or withdrawn in class. It seemed to prevent you from being fully present or fully engaged in our material. Specifically improvising, the Alexander Technique and Laban. And because they were the foundations of this class I didn't see you applying them to your dancing as much as you could have and therefore I don't think you improved or learned as much as you could have in class. You have talent, decent training and a good body for dance but if you don't go for it and let go of what ever it is that is making you hold back, than you will only improve in your technique but you won't ever catch on fire. And fire is what makes people stand out. Plenty of people can get their leg up or do multiple pirouettes, but not everyone can set the stage on fire with their presence and commitment. That's what I want you to work on while here at the school of Scooby-doo. I think you can do it, but you have to locate that inner voice or person that tells you to hold back or to look and behave a certain way and tell it to shut up, go away and that you don't need it anymore. Why listen to a voice that wants you to be small? What are you getting out of that? Each time you say no to that voice, you will be stepping into your potential and becoming a fuller, stronger more powerful you. wedding outfits at wholesale prices