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A Christian and a Muslim were travelling on the same bus.
The muslim said that Jesus is not God but he is just a prophet like mohammed.
But the christian said that Jesus Is God and lives in heaven.
A hot arguement started between them so the christian decided to prove that Jesus name is higher than all other name and he is God.
Christian: Shout the name of mohammed and after 3 hours, i will shout the name of Jesus let us see whose name will people react to.
Muslim: Ok
The muslim started shouting "Mohammed! Mohammed!". The people in the bus were angry, turned to him and said, "u dont have to shout like dat if u are making call"
After 3 hours, the christian shouted "Jesus! Jesus!" Everybody joined him in shouting Jesus, and the bus driver, even though he was a muslim, he parked the bus and joined in shouting Jesus. wedding guest maxi dress
This is to show us that Jesus is the Lord and if you are proud of having Jesus, comment "I love you Jesus"
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