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I sat down this morning to think of what I could possibly scribble on the occasion of Tabe's birthday, I couldn't help but laugh. Was I going to talk of the Tabe I met in Bonn or the Tabe I have known since 2003? This was a rather tough one.
In the course of my numerous sojourns, I have met many a man, but Tabe-Ojong Martin Paul jr effortlessly stood up very tall (not tall as in his height, but as in his personality) in the pantheon of people I am proud to have met in life. There is no best way to describe his life than the German addage "das leben ist : 'Geht nichts, gibt's nichts" ( simply translated as "in life if you don't go for something, you don't get it"). He is a hard worker who will go to any limit to get what he wants. wedding dresses for over 50
Walking down memory lane, whilst the likes of Derrick Suh, Fiang Ade Nji and Wada Cyril Sylvain stayed back in the refectory after meals for their normal 'clean up campaigns', Tabe's only quest was to consolidate his position at the top of his class. It is rather a pity that the school administration didn't make him the library prefect. One could easy mistake him for the school Librarian due to the amount of hours he spent there.
His Lion fighting spirit was contagious and one of the living testimonies to this is Franklin Ezike, who alongside Emmanuel Arinze and Nkembeng Assong topped sleeping charts during preps. He converted Ezike from active sleeping performances during preps to making better use of time studying.
Over to Tabe the grown up man:
No matter his state of mind, if you want to catch his attention to a group chat on whatsapp, just bring up anything related to the Anglophone struggle or Prof. PLO Lumumba and you will find Tabe at his best. Discuss anything related to Champions league or sports and you have tuned him off. Anyone who has spent time with him will attest of his being very Jovial, an avid lover of Bakwerri grooves from Tata Kinge, a good dancer and singer too. Hard work pays bro. Happy birthday bro!
Lionel Tchoungui Bidzogo
International Journalist
Happy Birthday Brother.