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Ok so before anything gets said let the person who's going through it all say it yes I called the cops on Devaniel and yes he got arrested and yes I pressed charges and this was all over cigerattes and me sticking up for myself he's been treating me like dog shit for a long time now I put up with I put up with him spitting on me flicking lit cigeratte buds at my head hitting knocking my stuff over and even bieng to rough with eathan and Logan I even put up with the lying and stealing and him cheating on a very loyal girl he says it doesn't matter how he treats me Bec I'm his brother but when I asked how come it matters how I treat you then then he didn't wanna talk I have screenshots of him cheating talking shit and treating me like trash I do nothing but help him I loan him money when I don't even have it myself I let him be himself when no one else does I give him advice I let him totally disrespect me and my mom told me I did all wrong made it seem like I was the only one doing wrong and he didn't do anything once again I will stand up for myself I will not back down don't like it then suck my dick I'm not bieng pushed around anymore I almost went to prison trying to keep him from going himself I got him out of 30 years I do so much for everyone and can't get it back so if you owe me it's either or bye I'll take an L I'm done the people that say that I'm always causing shit or love hurting them ect FUCK YOU. Done kissing ass you show me your real and can give me respect I'll show how loyal I am I'm nothing like my dad he's a pos and Devaniels headed there with him he literally called someone right after everything happened and was talking shit said I'm going to jail Tonight I beat the shit out of Daniel no such thing happened he got two punches that's it one in my nose which made me bleed and one in my ribs I was still standing wasn't complaining he's not as hard as he thinks he is I didn't fight back for a good reason I wasn't hurt only my nose was affected he says he's trying to change but I see no change he's Danny jr I called him petty Bec that's what he is and he kicks my locked door open and gets in my face we pushed each other around and he hits me didn't even hurt he went to jail over a pack of cigarettes I kept them cuz he owes me so makes since he wanted to be a dick so I kept them he brought payton into shit wasn't cool and he called me a bitch but last time I checked I wasn't he is he's a terrible person and won't change he's already not gonna be able to see his kid running around on angel Devaniel you wanna be a dick and lie on my name well I'll shine some truth on yours he hasn't been loyal at all hes still talking to little girls and still bieng himself but seriously I wasn't wrong for anyone of this maybe besides keeping the cigs but was money technically idc if he worked for it or not I worked for the $80 he owes me so the fuck what if he worked for it I love that boy with all of my heart be he's pushing me away I'd do anything for him if he'd change and treat me good but I got someone in the house that plays favorites and it's bullshit and they know it he's a hypocrite and so are they if i call them out they both immediately wanna quit talking to me so before you say your so mean or anything here ya go I would only know this and tell the truth cuz I have no shame in what I do also I don't need to lie I got plenty of proof I will be deleting face tommorow so message about stuff stylish wedding selections with colors # FUCKTHEHATERS