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In every community we see them. In small towns these people stand out. There are those families that are constantly struggling. The kids get made fun of at school because they don't have the new phones and gadgets that everyone else has because it's all their parents can do to provide the necessities. Their clothes aren't name brand and so they dress "funny" and get laughed at. Mom and Dad try their hardest but it's just enough to get by if juggled just right. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a member of one of "those families". But even with as little as we have, we make a big difference. Every year my family helps others in need. We try to help 1 family that is struggling. This year we managed to help 3 with the help of some very special elves! I am not looking for praise or appreciation. I am asking you to consider this for a moment. When you are out shopping for that game system or the newest toy or gadget that your kid just has to have, do you have $5 to spare? Grab a cheap gift for that little girl that lives around the corner with the unemployed daddy. Or for the little boy down the road that wears clothes too small every day because that's all he has. Can you afford a $20 gift card at Walmart? There's a new outfit for him that will fit. If every house on that block spared just $5, can you imagine the happiness on that little girl's face on Christmas? Just knowing that Santa remembered her! Or how happy that little boy would be with new clothes and a couple toys? It's not hard and it is so worth it!!! Don't want them to know because they are too proud to ask for help? Do it quietly in secret. Put the box on the porch and ring the doorbell or knock and haul it so they don't see you. Can't be offended by angels! Seal that gift card in a Christmas card and drop in their mailbox! It also helps with gift cards from Walmart that you can't purchase cigarettes or alcohol with them. We all know those people too. Just think about giving a little. If we all give a little, it can make a huge impact!!!!! spaghetti evening gowns