short with black colored items to wear

Okay,...I have a confession to make here. I have not done too great a job trying to give up the chocolate milk. It's not been as easy as I thought it would be trying to either cut way back on it,or give it up altogether. Giving up soft drinks like Pepsi,Coke,etc. was easier as I just simply told myself I don't want that anymore,...not so with the milk. Well,...I stopped at the convenience store for something to drink,and I have to be proud of myself that I chose unsweetened tea w/ lemon over a milk. All that being said,...let's see if I can truly make the month of December that I finally start saying " No more" to the chocolate milk just like I did with pop. I done great staying away from all the deserts at Thanksgiving,...I did have a small slice of apple pie,...but that was it,...I didn't have turkey this year,...had meat loaf instead,...not something I eat on a daily basis,..only on special occasions,or once in a while. I strayed from the diet a little,but December is the month to get back on it. No more pop corn,...getting to the place I can't eat it anymore as it hurts my stomach. I've done well overall I think,but there are still things that need to go,..and the chocolate milk is one of them! short with black colored items to wear