prom wearing which backtrack to 1920

What's on my mind asks Facebook; logging into messenger and seeing the message below from 'facebook user':
I guess it was important for you to like on that comment yesterday on both of your pages.. What's the matter Miss San Joaquin Valley College? It's pathetic b****** like you who lurk in the background without the intelligence to make a comment.. No confidence passive aggressive facebook bitches like you make me sick. I could see why you hide behind two profiles... And prom wearing which backtrack to 1920 ... keep in mind I have the capability to hack both your pages

1st off - I Don't Hide you should have used your Real Name and some likeness of you; since you are cowering behind a keyboard 'thugging out' by threatening a complete stranger.
2nd - You obviously do not know me, and you are stalking me on Facebook, I will oblige you with an audience - there is a park nearby; you don't have hack my account to get at me dog!
3rd - Your logic seems flawed in my view, since it was some comment I made that made you feel like you should create an anonymous account so you could try your hand at intimidation and being threatening, giggles.
4th - You might just want to ask someone at SJVC about me, especially if they were there while I was there. Matter of fact don't stop there, you can ask Inglewood, Compton, South Central Los Angeles, Lynwood, Long Beach too!!!
Lastly I don't do passive aggressive, never have. I throw blows, and body slams not insults nor threats. I'm Hyper Aggressive.

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