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David Lucas
From the moment we met,
my heart told me you were the one-
The one I've been waiting for,
the one I would love forever.

I loved you as we talked on the phone,
got to know each other more,
and when I would think of you.

We laughed, cried and listened
to each others minds.
I trust you and hopefully you trust me.

You have been my smile, my strength,
my comfort, reason for laughing,
reason for dreaming
and you are my inspiration.

I melt into myself when you
say, 'I love you'.
I make one wish every night
and hope it will come true.

I hope you know you are not
just my boyfriend,
you are my bestfriend, too.
You have a great personality
and I look up to that.
You have a good head on your shoulders,
you know how to deal with things.

I don't know if this is how you
treat all your girlfriends,
but you know how to treat me,
like a woman.
That is the second best thing about you.

I can't even start to imagine
how my life would be without you.
Like I said, you're not just my boyfriend,
you are my bestfriend, too.
I can trust you with anything
and I hope you can do the same with me.

I know I have never met you in person,
but when I do I have
no intention to let you go.

I don't know what love means,
but I do know that I love you.
When I say I love you I mean
that with all of my heart.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Like I already told you once,
I will do anything for you.

You hold the key to my heart
and you always will.
Nobody can ever have the same key that you do. prom garment suitable for plus size girl

You are not just my boyfriend
you are my bestfriend, too.
I love you!!!