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Relaxation Techniques - The Secret to Falling Asleep

The Secret to Falling Asleep
Twenty plus many years of insomnia has enlightened me to a thing or two about the condition. It is not in the medical community's interest to point out certain basic and undeniable facts that will naturally assist insomniacs in relaxation techniques and becoming good night's sleep. This is simply as there is nothing in it! There is no money to be had by telling the insomniacs around the globe that there exists a bit known brainwave state in between the Alpha (relaxation) as well as the Delta (asleep) brainwave state. It could be the Theta brainwave state. The mainstream medical community is much more attracted to prescribing sleeping pills then explaining to their patients view of sleep.
What are Theta brainwaves, you ask? In natural sleep the Theta brainwave condition occurs directly before deep sleep. Think of it as the top human brain's consciousness escrow account. You are not technically awake nor do you think you're asleep. Your brain wants to sleep but, if abstract thoughts occur, it is going to immediately jump back in Alpha. The Theta state is the psychic bridge involving the a sense relaxation and drifting off to sleep. When we begin drifting off and away to sleep we are in the Theta state as your brain's neurons begin firing up inside your Secondary Visual Cortex. It is in the Secondary Visual Cortex that your dreams occur. One with the first things our brains want to do after falling asleep is dream.
Relaxation Plus Visualization Equals Sleep
As as it happens we dream and we imagine inside same section of our brain. Tonight, whenever you attempt to get to sleep, try something different. Put on some relaxation music... slow jazz or classical, and visualize watching the band play on a stage before you decide to. You might even try visualizing an ice skater performing for the music. If you like talk radio, relax and visualize seeing the folks talk. Imagine their faces and what clothes these are wearing. What you are doing is greasing the grooves to deep sleep by stimulating your Secondary Visual Cortex and, therefore, the same area in your occipital lobe that comes into action in dreaming. Visualizing will bring on Theta brainwaves. If you have trouble staying asleep (i.e. you wake too soon) then live in bed and visualize... anything (preferably something non-threatening). plus size maid of honor dresses
Pharmaceuticals work as a shunt, bypassing the Theta brainwave state, as our brain closes backwards of the natural sleep process. They (sleeping pills) increase the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) within our bodies. This slows our neuron's communication ability. If our neurons can't communicate then a man-made relaxation condition is induced.
The secret to dropping off to sleep isn't secret whatsoever. Remember hearing that you need to count sheep to when you have insomnia? I say don't count them but visualize them; or some different for that matter, and you will probably soon feel a sensation of deep relaxation and drift off naturally. One hint: be comfortably creative within your visualizations and you may be impressed by the dreams you dream.