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That's no fun, it can be very serious. And it happens more often than some may think. Always be careful fur sure. No overhead casting on a head boat. And it helps to watch behind us when casting anywhere. Especially around children. That right there. Dunno, it could happen while baiting a hook. One drops there outfit. Someone kicks the loose line. It happens no dought. One thing I would recommend to help stay safe. Is a pair of sidecutters/dykes whatever one may call them. They grip hooks reel good. And can cut or smash the barb too. And no dought have some kind of first aid kit on hand. Even if its homemade. One can buy a plastic box cheap. And fill it with emergency stuff. And I will tell ya. Hydrogen peroxide. Is very handy to have around. If a wound isn't cleaned good. Or maybe infection sets in. Just by the end of the day. It can start throbbing. And naturally if one sees a red line coming from a wound. Consult a doctor soon. Oouuch !!! on sale collections for red carpet