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NBB Question From Dale:
I have a 5 month old daughter. We have started her on some solids and formula bottles as she is demanding more milk then my wife can produce. She still has the breast milk a few times a day. My question is how to we relieve her being constipated? We have tried Pears etc. Massage of the belly, stool softener drops and even a suppository but still she constipated.. the longest she has gone without going is 12 days and when she does go she is in pain. It is both very stressful on my wife and my daughter so just looking for any advice i can get. Thanks in advance. old Hollywood wears for prom party

How to Identify and Treat the Symptoms of Baby Constipation Baby constipation is certainly distressful for both the child and parents. Arm yourself with knowledge to avoid constipation and the associated stress.newbornbaby.com.au