off the shoulder mermaid wedding dress

There was a girl who was hated so much
by her class mates because she had
body odor and was from a very poor home.
Whenever she wants to play with other
girls, they walk away from her and abuse her.
Because of this, her class teacher decided
to sponsor her as one of the students to
represent the school in a quiz competition.
The girl was so brilliant that after the competition,
the state government decided to send her
and 2 other girls abroad to continue their
education and all her class mates that hated
her now wishing they didn't treat her bad.
This is how God works, he uses your
problems to make way for you.
Now, Read This Line:
1). May God move you from Zero to Hero.
2). Those that laugh at you today will come
back to rejoice with you tomorrow in Jesus name.
Type "Amen" if you believe in God.
Let your faith work for you..
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