off the shoulder dress formal

Bought a 2pc dress for my daughter for Homecoming- dress arrived quickly, fit perfect (size 4) and was everything she wanted. The day of Homecoming was busy you know how it is hair, nails, make up then photos, the dance and finally dinner with friends. The event was from 6-9, she got dressed about 5:30 for photos and I dropped her off at the dance about 6:30. By 7:405 she has called to tell me that the elastic in her top must have broke because hee top was falling down and th ... at she had to hold it to keep it up. Since the top had built in cups she was not wearing a bra. Since she did not want to leave the dance and she couldn't wear this dress any longer I had to bring her a sundress to finish out her evening. She felt akward walking back into the dance and sitting at dinner in a sundress while everyone else was in their formal wear. When I contacted Simply Dresses and advised them of the issue and sent them pictures they offered me $15 so I could have the elastic fixed. Kind of a slap in the face considering I paid $178 for a dress that she did not even get the wear the whole evening and only had the dress on a little over 2 hours. I was not asking for a full refund, I was simply asking for the top to be replaced and instead I get offered $15. Photos are in the comments! off the shoulder dress formal

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