lds of the wedding

This is my theory on vaccines. I posit all vaccines created by BigPharma contain nano-tracking devices that enter the bloodstream and remain fixed to our bodies permanently. They transmit digital recordings stored in a database physically here inside underground bases guarded by security operatives. Now take into account BigPharma is a "global" player and owns over 90% of the world market share.

Jews as a tightly knit communist community own majority control of banking regulatory committees worldwide. Their network of banking agents are bred to serve as agents inside of national banks worldwide. The proof for this is the fact that North and South America, Europe, China, India, Africa, Russia and other smaller denominations use the Jewish Rothschild led fiat debt currency system that can be manipulated for control via speculative trading/lending practices.

Information is what allows these banksters to profit from this system via speculative trading practices. Basically what I'm saying is predicting the future via objective probability certainty equations and conservative risk management is what Jews are famous for since their version of HIStory began. Today the Jews own Hollywood, News, Radio, Print, Television and Social Media and this allows them to alter public perception through censorship and false narratives.

The Internet is a data mining network they created to further their trans-humanistic agenda. The data mined can be used by AI robots to eventually create permanent mind control programs used on us subliminally via intravenous methods. This is why it's important for them to keep their bloodlines pure. They are the only ones able to fool the secret world police because they control intelligence agencies worldwide via their agents. The reason no one questions their reality is because advertisement mind control programs keep us productive little materialistic slaves.

The Bible was written by Jews naturally since that is what HIStory tells us. Why should you and I be skeptical of HIStory? Jewish "academics" are famous for making fake claims in their HIStory books many, many times over centuries.

They create myths that benefit them only. In the Biblical version it's always poor Israel this poor Israel that and God always comes to their aid at the criminal expense of others. The reason why Jews living in Israel naturally have a superiority complex is because their religious and pseudo scientific psychopathic narratives created by their bloodline ancestors requires ritual torture magic aka blood magic aka animal/human sacrifice. You see the Jews wrote themselves into an entirely fake ancient HIStory that never happened during the timeline because of provable document forgery of worldwide records at these institutes controlled by them. The Jews have been running things behind the scenes for all of HIStory which is really unknown to us because they burn books and censor speech wherever they are questioned. lds of the wedding

On another note the ISIS network is also funded by the Jewish Cabal of banksters and are totally here to play their role in the Zionist self fulfilling prophecy of end times. In the Bible it often talks about the Beast and it's mark. Well the beast is a number and that is the foundation of the binary code system that controls this matrix.