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“Sindhis Stand Up! Else Prepare Thyself for Extinction”
Dr. Ahmed H. Makhdoom

سانئِيَمِ! سَدائِين ڪَرِين، مَٿي سِنڌُ سُڪارَ دوستَ! مِٺا دِلدارَ، عالَمُ سَڀِ آبادِ ڪَرِين؍
(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)
“O Lord! May Thee Bless my sweet Sindh with bounties in abundance,
O My Friend, my Beloved! Glorify Universe all with Thy Exuberance.”
(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

مانواري نياٹين سنھڻين مٺڙي؍
مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍
خوش ھجو شال سسداٸين؍
لکين قرب ۽ مهربانيون؍اوهان جا لک لائق ۽ احسان؍
مـُون کـي جِـيـَارِيـنِ، وايُـون وَڻـجـَارَن جـون؍
سَنهِينٸَ سوئيءَ سِبيو مۇن مارُن سِين مَنُ؍
(شاهه ڀٽائيؒ)

Salman Taaseer is killed! So................?
Saaeen Akbar Bugti is murdered! Did anybody care? Saainni Benazir Bhutto is gunned down! Who are the killers? A young Sindhi Niyaannee, in a tiny village of Sindh, is brutally gang- raped, strangled and her body buried somewhere without a trace! Who bothers? There are countless innocent Balochs becoming victims of target killing! Any justice for them?

Sindhis in their own effervescent habitat, own glorious Motherland, own blessed dhartee are being squeezed to death, suffocated and strangled and thrown into the quagmire of destitution, destruction and deprivation!
And, who cares, who bothers, who in the whole land bewails and laments?

Only, in the eerie silence of the Valley of Death - the perforated, punctured and pulverised Valley of Sindh – the swans scream in anguish, the peacocks wail in agony, the birds moan in misery, the trees weep in torrents:

وَسَڻُ اَکَڙِيُنِ جِئَن، جي ھُوند سِکــئِين، مِينھَن؍
ته ھُوندَ راتو ڏِينھَن، بسِ بُوندَيَنئُون نه ڪَرِين؍
(شاهه ڀٽائيؒ)

“Wasannu akharriyani jean, jei hound sikhein, meenha;
Ta hound raato ddeenha, basi buundiyuun na kareen!”
(Shah Bhittai)

“O Rain! Lessons from eyes earn, raining torrents like eyes learn;
Day ‘n night everyday then, never will thee cease to pour ‘n run!”
(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

مانواري نياٹين سنھڻين مٺڙي؍ مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍

Today, it is a question of survival for Sindh - our glorious culture, our sweet language, our filial values, our ancient civilisation, our glittering heritage and our gracious, great and grand way of life! Taaseer is dead! So what? I do not care a damn for this godless, gutless, guileless country of Paleetistan and its ugly political riffraff! Sooner or later, today or tomorrow, this horrible country is bound to die - and die, surely, an ignominious death and, thereby, lie in the dustbin of ignominy, shame and disgrace!

Saaeen, you, me and Sindhis everywhere must worry ONLY about their Motherland, their Fatherland, Sindh! Sadly.......

ھِڪَ ٻولِي؍ ھِڪَ ثَقافَتَ؍ ھِڪَ تَھذِيبَ؍ ھِڪَ تارِيخَ؍ ھِڪُ وِرسو؍ ھِڪَ زِندگِي؍ پَرَ؍؍؍؍؍؍؍؍؍
اَلا! ھِڪُ آوازُ ڪِٿي آھي؟ اَلا! ھِڪَ سِنڌيَتَ ڪِٿي آھي؟ اَلا! ھِڪَ سِنڌُ ڪِٿي آھي؟
اَلا! ھِڪَ سِنڌي قومَ ڪِٿي آھي؟

“One Language, One Culture, One Heritage, One History, One Civilisation,
One Life, but..............Alas! Where is One Voice? Alas! Where is One Sindhiness? Alas! Where is One Sindh? Alas! Where is One Sindhi Nation?”

When one is a son and daughter of that great nation known as Sindh, he or she must STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Adopt and embrace Sindhyata! Sindhyata means accepting in totality everything about Sindh - culture, dress, language, traditions, norms, way of life!

مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍ مانواري نياٹين سنھڻين مٺڙي؍
ساٸين؍ھَٿَ ٻَڌي؍ پيرَن تي ھَٿَ رَکي؍ عاجزيٸَ سان؍ نياز ۽ نِوِڙَتَ سان عَرضُ ٿا ؍ ڪريوُن؍

My humble appeal, my servile pleadings, my sincere entreaties, my docile prayer and my urgent petition to all the Nationalist leaders – Saaeen Ayaz Latif Palijo, Saaeen Qadir Mangsi, Saaaeen Bashir Qureshi, Saaeen Arisar and countless other so-called Nationalist forces and leaders - the genuine Peeplas, the members of other Sindh-related Political Parties and Groups, the Sindhi Diaspora Organisations – WSC, WSI, Sapac, SANA, Sindhi Sangat – the Sindhi Maaruunarraa in Hind is: “Enough is Enough! Before it is too late, STAND UP and BE COUNTED! Otherwise, prepare yourself for a certain extinction - wiped out from the face of Earth - like the picture here!” latest fashionable evening party wears

هي ڌرتي اسان سنڌين جو ننگ آ؍
ڪيرُ آھي جيڪو جِيجَلِ سِنڌڙِي جي پوتِيٸَ؍
رَئي ۽ لوٸِيٸَ جِي لَڄَ رَکي؟‏

Stop this artificial and self-imposed, self-generated, self-centredness, self-preservation, self-worship, self-aggrandisement, at once, NOW! Abolish all your infertile, inapt, incapable, impotent Parties and UNITE! Give up your relentless pursuit of fame and glory, power and treasure:

ٸيٸَ نَ مارن ريت؍ جو سيڻ مٽاٸن سون تي؍
(شاهه ڀٽائيؒ)

“Eea na maarun reeta, jo seinnu mataayin sona tei!”
(Shah Bhittai)

“‘Tis not the custom of us natives of Malir dear,
To exchange Love and Beloved for gold and silver.”
(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)
(Note: Malir=native land of Marvi in the epic of Shah Latif Bhitai ‘Umar Marvi’)

Need I say more? I think murshid Saaeen Bhittai had said it all! Saaeen, please STOP this personality cult! This is one of the many reasons why Sindh is in doldrums, pain and deprivation! We spend our entire life eulogising 'individuals!' No one, repeat, NO ONE is above SINDH! Sindh is all that we have! Sindh is all that matters! Whatever Sindh is today, whatever is left of Sindh, it is still our beloved, beautiful and brilliant SINDH and let no one come in between!

These leaders are the servant of their people, whom they represent! Is'nt that honour enough? Yes, UNITE under One Slogan, One Mission, One Vision, One Party, One Struggle for the Independence, Freedom and Liberation of Sindh! Even if you don’t want Freedom and Liberation, still UNITE and work as a combined, potent, viable and vibrant FORCE under One Flag – for Maleer and its Maaruunarra! Shape up or Shut Up and Ship Out! Long Live Sindh!

مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍ مانواري نياٹين سنھڻين مٺڙي؍

جي تُون وِڙھٞندي تہ مَا رِيو ويندين؍
سَڄي سِـنڌُ تان وارِيو ويندين؍
دودا؍ تُنھِنجو ساھُ ثہ وِيندو؍
پَرَ قومَ جو ويساھُ نہ وِيندو؍
(شيخ اياز

"Je tuun wirrhandein ta maaryo weindein,
Sacjee Sindhu taan waaryo weindeinn;
Dodaa, tuhinjo saah ta weendo,
Para qoma jo weisaahu na weendo!”
(Shaikh Ayaz)

“Fight, and sure to die on field art thee,
Sacrificed for Sindh, thy life admirable be;
Oh Dodo, breathe thy last will certainly thee,
Never shall ddiminish Nation’s trust in thee!”
(Shaikh Ayaz: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

مانواري نياٹين سنھڻين مٺڙي؍ مانوارا سُنھڻان مِٺِڙا ساٸين؍

Sacrifice for Sindh, thy life admirable be! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, DIE FOR YOUR MOTHERLAND, YOUR FATHERLAND, SINDH! Sindh is a nation, Pakistan is not! Sindh, as a civilised nation has its glorious civilisation of 7,000 to 10,000 years, brilliant history, bright culture, beautiful values, traditions and norms and a remarkable way of life.

As a nation, Sindh, will never condone and accept the demeaning practices of these so-called Sindhis. A liberated and emancipated Sindh will no more have its jaageerdaari (feudal) system any more in vogue or even in existence.

ڪاتِيءَ ڪونهي ڏوهُ، ڳَنُ وڍيندڙَ هٿ ۾؛
پَسيو پَرِ عجيب جي، لِچيو وڃي لوهُ؛
عاشقن اندوه، سدا معشوقن جو؛
(شاھُ ڀٽائيؒ)

“Kaateeya konhei ddohu, gganu wadheendarraa hatha mein,
Pasiyo pari ajeeba jei, lichiyo vancjei lohu,
Aashiqan andohu, sadaa maashuuqan jo.”
(Shah Bhittai)

“Blameless are knives, blame those who handles hold,
Seeing Majesty of the Mysterious, even steel doth fold,
Anxious are the Lovers, always for Beloved beyond!”
(Shah Bhittai: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom)

سهڻا سنڌي ماڻهون جتي هجو سکيا هجو،جڳُ جڳُ شال جيوُ۔
اچو تہ سنڌ جي سينڌ سنواريون
!ساٿ سلامت، قوم سلامت، سنڌ سلامت
ڌڻين شاد ۽ آباد رکيو
جيهي جي تيهي تب ٻانهين ٻاروچن جي؍‏
سدائين گڏ
الله واهي
پنھنجي دعاءن ۾ ياد رکندا

Long Live Sindh! Long Live Sindhiyata! Long Live Sindhi Nation! With regards, respects, love and prayers,

واڪا ڪَرڻُ مۇن وَسِ؍ ٻُڌَڻُ ڪَمُ ٻَروچَ جو؍
خادم دٸاگوُ احمد مخدوم؍

Ahmed Makhdoom,
Saturday, 6th January, 2018