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Joni Ernst Whens Medicaid Reform?.......

Update, Thumb Wont bend , fact is i have Nerve Damage Now, Doc said he wanted to do 2 more Surgeries,but Now the State of Iowa Cancelled My # Medicaid ,surely 1 operation will Be $12-$15,000, MY Share will Be $3,000 if just 1 could be More if 2 are Needed , May not even Have it done ? State says they will tell me when I can apply to receive home health , how does 1 Change Bandage 3 times a day with a left hand?

I have 6 months of Home care at $1000 month Now i have to pay somehow?

YIKES my fingers are Curling due to Ulner Nerve Damage , and half the hand up to elbow is thumb turns Purple and is Ice cold but 1/2 the hand gets COLD...oh and they said it was my LEFT HAND

this may explain why i was never given HOME HEALTH, I havent had Jeans on for 6 months the Thumb dont work ,wont bend and i cant feel it wonder i cant button or zip zippers

they say home health has a 3 year waiting list , GEE Iowa I did not know i was going to hurt my RIGHT THUMB .....Basically i have 4 fingers on my right hand ,thats it , FOLKS tape your right thumb and try and do Everyday Task's .........and they say Iowa is the 3rd best run state on the 50 .......maybe for Legislative Pensions Kim Reynolds

on the other hand its been 6 months and still waiting for my diabetic shoes to come in ? I think my failed Lamenectomy has something to do with the NUMBNESS in left leg and foot, or the other 6 bulging disk's in my back, on the bright side my Rotator cuff repair on left Shoulder Only Hurts when i use my Left Hand? see under "IowaCare" INS that went UNFIXED for 5 or 6 Years , and it was not only TORN was TORN IN TWO ..........and back then they sent my home a machine that i was to put on with one hand............GO FIGURE ........Somehow i did get home health BUT when they took Medicaid PRIVATE , I Got KICKED OFF my CDAC Payments and still Have not been Paid for 4 months lack decorated items to wear of the cocktail