items with lace decorated back to wear of the wedding

How did the (property insurance and 2 properties/ cities), in sonora hurt HEARTED 1st by terry, "threatening" not only they but everyone, by having a PARTY, at age 24, with an 18 year old girlfriend, and 17 year old MARRIED girlfriend, is to admit to secreting estrogen, because of a unser age 17 year old girl, MARRIED, and wanting to look and feel like a pimp, just like ("Terry")
lpsoeosnen..........WANT TO BE AND LOOK LIKE HIGHEST UP "PIMP", 20(05), backwards/ c ... rooked / dirty COMPETITION.
.....Terry at age 20, marked/ classified as "PIMP", requiring intervention((("redlaserinmyeye"))keyless door lock, already = NOT (t) threatening) a cop shined his taser laser in my eye. know what to ASSUME was in a packet of "sweetnlow", on camera in front of officer Res, (property insurance and properties "lead" by a DA, after keeping a owmans attention v.s the cities "FINEST", RESORTING to NEED terrorist attack, and insurance scam, and the girl was already at the time Terry's X, and just friends, in order to PROVE later on they got her attention FINALLY.................. items with lace decorated back to wear of the wedding
. Serotonin specifically HIT OUT/ "heartbreak warfare", 20(05) 19(8)9 KatrinaLomaPrietalpsoeosnenkfhatntf
hurting hearts "1st" requiring intervention, THREATENING!!! NEW ORLEANS THREATENED ("us"), they had a party, and SOCIOPATHS are aloud into authority figure positions, in the USA because as a Nations creators only "thought" they were SMART,
.......Property NEED to have an excuse for getting Hiedi the bar tender to issue an e pill put in the trash on camera, by putting it in a (TYLENOL) capsule.

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