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I have always loved salmon---the fresher, the better, although I have been known to settle for frozen salmon off-season. Now that I live in the Pacific NW, let me cop to being a bit of a Pacific salmon fan (especially Copper River salmon in season) snob. So sad--to bad, that's just the way I roll. gypsy usually used items to wear of the wedding
Anyway, Please read and apply this method of cooking salmon (Pacific or Atlantic) so that you may enjoy it properly cooked and VERY tasty.
Oh! BTW: Did you know how heart-healthy salmon is (along with other varieties of fish)? If you'd like to know more about that and other Health and Nutrition information, PM me. We can set up a time to get together. I'd love to show you more----
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The trick to cooking salmon perfectly, every time Do you know how to pan-sear salmon perfectly? The time to learn is right