grandmother of the groom dresses

Hey everyone! I need some desperate advice! The dark brown dog on the right is my baby boy loco! He is 5 now and I'm having a lot of trouble with him weeing everywhere! He goes out for walks and pees all time but my little girl in the left is Bella she's just turned 1 and is using a puppy pad. Loco knows to use the mat too pee but instead hes choosing to literally pee on everything!! I've got to rip the carpet up we have just bought cause It smells so bad and we can't get rid grandmother of the groom dresses ... of it even though I've carpet cleaned it so many times! I've tried a scented wee stick to help him pee on mat, taken him for walks and he still cocks his leg up everywhere!! On a night he's brilliant he uses the mat but through day he won't. He's been done and we've also tried praising him also nd giving him treats after and still nothing. He knows he's doing wrong too when he pees! Advice please! Thank you x

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