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Otieno my son please listen to me. When I was your age, I was a hot sell in the ladies' market; girls came in droves to look at my elegance, style and admire my decorum.

I loathed and repudiated any form of socialization with many. My hands were ever clean and soft, my hair was long and neatly combed. I spoke reservedly in very hard English words to accentuate my snobbishness; I was the first one from Got Kojowi DEB primary school who joined Homa Bay High School and the first English teacher in Mirogi Boys from the entire former South Nyanza district! fall wedding guest dresses
I later on joined the then colonial provincial administration as a District Officer where I rose in rank to be a Permanet Secretary for internal security in the Office of the Pesident.

My son Otieno, life was sweet and I exchanged beautiful girls like I did my shirts; little did I know I was squandering good opportunities of getting a good wife to be the mother of my future children!
When I decided to settle down, it was too late. That is the reason I married your mother who was a town girl. God blessed us with only you; the only child your mother and I had before she abandoned our marriage and got married to another man in Karachuonyo, when my money dried up.

Many of my uncles advised me to get a girl from the village but I ignored them! Look at the way I painfully singlehandely raised you up and educated you.
Don't fall into the trap that messed me up, please get a girl from the village as early as now and settle with her in life. There are many beautiful girls in the village; my son, don't be fooled by false appearance because of make ups.
Town girls, these days, are a mirrage, their appearance is seductive but all this is a fakery my son; everything about them is fake; thier hips and bottom, skin colour, hair, breasts, eyelashes, nails, accent. I mean everything my son, everything.

For purposes of a wife material, I recommend the following girls whose photograghs I have attached.