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Hi page - wanting some advice about a coworker. female, early thirtiea and so emotional that its becoming really draining. I have spoken to her about it and she says she sees a therapist weekly - she cries (wailing sobbing, head down and everything) most days in the office. Boss ignores it. Like closes his door. Its almost always over non-work-related things (whichever guy shes seeing, her mom not answering her call, a friend makin plans without her). She tried to take me to HR, last time I told her not to speak to me about her private life anymore but it was dismissed. I can't stand her and she just clings to me as the only other female in the office. I want to be sympathetic as she has all the signs of bipolar depression (I'm not a doctor, obvs), but i'm on the edge of losing my sh*t at her. everyone else in the office tries to avoid interacting with her because of her mood swings and clinginess but she keeps on asking me to hang out with and saying she has no friends and forcing me to decline again and again. dress with boho patterns or florals for wedding

aaarggh. Mainly wanted to vent, but advice would be appreciated.