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Don't tell me people are "normal". Don't tell me people are "good". This whole hookup, escort/prostitute, showgirl culture is rampant with people treating one another like inhuman garbage or even stomping small animals to death in order to get sexually excited with one another. Yeah, people can't just do that anymore because they've mutilated themselves inside with their hookup culture antics and drugs. They are that detached from themselves now. So now people kill small animals to get "excited"... I mean, of all the signs that people are just sick, sadistic, twisted, loveless demons, it's certainly that. That behavior is so prevalent in fact that it even has a name and is a "thing" among this disgusting, twisted, drug addicted under world that has become human interaction/relationships now. While perhaps not a totally accepted thing in the mainstream coverup machine, it is certainly not something people are avidly crusading against at every turn. Oh, but a 19 year old and a 17 year old are attracted to one another and have sex or if someone starts a relationship that appears "taboo" to some and you'll have the venom of the world extracted upon them to no end - despite it being consensual to all actually involved. People are backward and ridiculous, plain and simple. Humans bite and stab those who are best for them and willingly worship and obey those who are leading them over a cliff or are worst for them. They butt into the affairs of others with extreme hatred where they do not belong and they look the other way when their intervention is Truly needed. So don't tell me people are good or that things are okay, because things could not be any worse in this world today. All out war or total collapse would be an improvement. We need a reset button. People are just too far gone now - they have lost all sense of reality and natural affection. discount wedding collections for a outdoor beach wedding