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Chapter 55
Finally the day we have been waiting for is
finally here,my heart was beating so fast,I
was supper nervous, I stared at the window
if I remember what Diana has put me
through,what love can do to people...
Mark stop day dreaming and finish getting
dressed " he said
fine big brother " I said
you really love this girl huh? he asked
yes brother Jai she means a lot to me" I said
my brother Jai got married to someone he
didn't love at first but now he adores her a
lot,my brother and his friends made a bet to
sleep with Maya ( my brother' s wife) he
won the bet and got her pregnant...
the church service was 9:00hrs,am catholic
but not Diana but she accepted getting
married in my church, since Catholic and UCZ
(United Church Of Zambia) are abit similar
dude here " he was handing me his phone
babe " she said
hey " I said.
Mark stop worrying me please " she said.
how" I asked
your phone was off I have been trying " she
said..she sounded as if she was crying
am sorry sweetie " I said.
OK love you " She hung up.
Women and worrying " Luke teased.
We finished getting ready and we went to
by 9:00hrs the mass began
the people on the line up danced and it was
time for the bride to enter,
my eyes where just at the entrance ,I was
now nervous
little JJ came in holding a small pillow with
the wedding rings ....everyone was like
wooow when JJ entered
than Karen and Ronald entered.
Diana walked in her father was holding her
hand,she looked amazing I shed a tear...
# Diana
When I saw Mark in front ,I couldn't help it I convertible wears for bridesmaid With twist wrap
shed some tears
its OK my love " daddy whispered.
I know dady " I whispered back,
we got were Mark was and my dad had a
few words to say:
Mark Mbewe, I give you my child not
because I choose to but because she loves
you so much,take care of her,if you get tired
of her bring her back " he said
I promise to always take care of her " Mark
Dear beloved we are gathered here to
witness the marriage ceremony for Mark
Mbewe and Diana Mwanza.. before we
continue,does anyone abject to this people
to be joined to together ..speak now or
forever hold your piece ' the father said
I was so nervous, what if Daniel walks in
please lord help me
OK !!its like everyone wants these two to be
together " the father said.
I took a deep breath and thanked God
the ceremony continued and minutes later
we were pronounced husband and wife.
We went to take photos and went home to
rest abit ...20:00hrs it was reception time
the first set of people on the line up entered
and danced... then the second pair entered
and danced .....Karen and Ronald danced as
Now it was our time to dance,we started
dancing,Mark even removed his jacket and
tired it in his waist,when he does that just
know things are about to get down .....I
went to change with the ladies, I had a
surprise dance for my man....we change into
shorts and white t-shirts mine was saying
"MRS MBEWE FOREVER" we danced to Mutale'
s forever my favorite part was when she
said "you persuade me till you won my
heart" indeed Mark fought so much to win
my heart it was hard but he finally did it
...we danced and we went back to change ....
we cut the cake,he fed me and I fed him,we
took one cake to my family and one to his
family...I don't know why but that's what we
were told.
We were called to the dance floor to have
our first dance
our song was playing I hesitated to get up I
was nervous
let's go babe " he said
OK hun" I got up
we danced to " high school musical school"
can I have this dance by troy and Gabriella,
we are married can you believe that" he
I still think am dreaming " I said.
Wait until you wake up leaping " he teased.
People joined, I danced with my father.... at
24 the party was over and people scattered
we were the last people to leave including,
Karen,Luke Sam and Ronald.
Who would have ever thought that Diana
Mwanza will be Mrs Mbewe today " Karen
3years ago,someone would have told me I
would be married to Mark,I would slap that
person " I said.
Mrs Mbewe our ride is here " Mark said
here we go" Karen laughed.
Good luck,you starved him for 4months "
she teased.
We drove off and we got to our room,Mark
booked a room our honeymoon was in SA,
we got to our room without even closing
the door Mark was over me
babe close the door " I said.
Let them see I don't care ' he said
baby come on" he got up and closed the
indeed he kept his promise I didn't sleep
that night I was so upset but I needed to
make my husband happy ...
I slept on the plane,I was so tired and he
was right I was leaping lol.
To Be Continued