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I spent the past few days snowed in working on my designs for the April fashion show. I’m going to call the collection “Kintsugi”, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer and celebrating the break as a part of the piece’s history. All of these dresses reuse pieces of fabric or material to create something new, adding new history to the garment.

The first dress is a wedding dress inspired by Galadriel and Paolo Sebastian that uses embroidered curtain panels for an overlay. The second is an all lace bridesmaid dress that I plan on updating with a satin overskirt and added appliqué. The last dress will be gold with the sequin lace fabric used as an overskirt and glasses lenses dyed in various colors and added rhinestones so the front and cape sleeves will look like stained glass windows. cheap plus size wedding dresses under 100