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Hi my precious friends!
By some of ur sweet comments I need to clarify that I do not have cancer. Im sorry if my post came across that way. I've been having iron/hemoglobin infusions e/o day for severe anemia. I started to feel sick several months ago, my hair falling out like crazy, bruising all over, couldn't walk up a flight of stairs w/o my muscles burning and not being able to catch my breath, fatigue that is not natural, etc etc. They ran tests and found out I hv internal bleeding somewhere which has caused my iron count which is to be at a 15 was at 6.5 and not getting oxygen to my internal organs. Which in a nutshell caused my organs to start shutting down. BUT I am on iron infusions every other day and within 5 weeks from tomorrow by body as they put it budget-saving wedding collection in vintage style
"should start waking back up!"
Folks, because I didn't take it SERIOUSLY at first it did some pretty good damage to my body in the last year & my Dr said today I was 1 point away from hospitalization & blood transfusion.
DONT IGNORE signs ur body is telling you and Pay attention to the signs! Mine is fixable now but it's been a long yucky road I could hv probably avoided if I hadn't brushed it off as "just being tired" cause age, kids, life, etc. That wasn't the case and boy did I LEARN!
TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY- it's the only one you have!