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I am not suppose be on here right now but seeing how this world is with my own eyes I needed to speak out. Some may hate me. But know nothing about me or what I think would make you ignorant if you decided to speak against me. I am not most people. I am me. Joshua Jemison . I am no republican but neither am I a democratic or liberal. I have conservative opinions about how the nation should be governed. I have conservative views about guns. I have liberal views about free speech. I hate the 5th amendment. I love the 1st amendment. I see now why we are some times looked down upon. I am a father. More than that I am a person. It's time to lead by example. I do not want my daughter stuck in the loop of ignorance that persist in the black community in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I do not want my daughter to live in poverty. So I will take the step now to stand for something. No matter how it may end. I have more than an obligation to make a better tomorrow for my people. I will give all I have to ensure my one and only will succeed. That's my calling. I passed along my genetic code. So now I will ensure that code safety at all cost. Hope and faith is something I need not to achieve my goals. My every day is filled with thoughts of how to change the black community for the better. I love rap, fried chicken, bacon, and even blue kolaid. I do not want to remove culture from us. I just want to see black Americans survive. And not only survive but thrive to be the best we can be. Let's stop calling each other out. Let's instead call upon each other to push and preserve the race we have. All I want is for the truth to be told. But in doing so I have become the bad guy. People fear me cause I talk reform for my people. I do so with one thing in mind. That is the future of the humanity. I will never hurt another person again. Never. boho items to wear of the wedding
You have your gods and I have reality.