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A married woman sent me this:
"Hello @ebony , there is a question I want to ask you concerning the topic you just treated on masturbation. l came here due to the need for privacy. Assuming someone that her husband is not always around for like 2or 3 months, and always have sex urge, instead of having extra marital affairs, she decide to do the solo sex by herself, by using sex toys or masturbate, please what's your take on this, kindly advise, but remember body no be fire wood ooo, thanks ma'am."
Someone also asked me a similar question. That what should a married man who is not always around do to his sex urge? Should he masturbate? Is it allowed in marriage? At least that is better than adultery!
Sex in marriage is a very serious issue that should not be taken with levity. Couples must do all they can to stay sexually intimate as often as they can, it's one of the reasons we get married.
Regardless of what any body says, quoting the scripture from Genesis to revelation, it's not easy for a married person to stay off sex for a week talkless of months, that is the truth, it's not even good for the health of a marriage!
Now that a partner is not always around, what should you do to your sexual urge, masturbate? No! Masturbation is a SIN for anybody whether single or married. The best thing to do to deal with your sexual urge if it is getting out of hand is to stay close to your spouse. Either relocate to where they are transfered or quit the job and find something else to do if you do not want to lose your sanity on the altar of adultery. If relocating or changing job is not possible then you need to do something to TAME your sexual desire, you just can't masturbate. It is dangerous! bat mitzvah dresses
The truth is, in marriage, masturbation alone doesn't satisfy. Eventually, you get tired and look for someone to really have sex with. So what should you do?
1. Take your mind off sex. Your most powerful sexual organ is the brain. If you don't think about it, you won't do it.
2. Get busy: sexual desire comes with energy. Channel that energy towards your job, kingdom service and children. Don't be idle. An idle hand is the devil's workshop.
3. Study your Bible a lot. The more of God you have in you, the less desire you have for sin and it's allures.
4. Pray and speak in tongues always, it sanctifies you.
5. Make friends with godly people not satanic agents who believe it is not possible to stay faithful to one's spouse in the absence of regular sex.
6. Avoid x-rated movies, pornograghy, romantic movies and nude pictures.
7. Do not make friends with any member of the opposite sex.
8. Stay off alcohol and sex triggering drugs.
9. See masturbation as it is: destructive and sinful!
10. Excercise a lot and keep fit. It helps keep your mind active and off negative and idle thoughts.
Couples once again should try all they can to stay sexually close and if that is not possible for obvious reasons then keep your mind completely off sex till your partner returns.
Masturbation is demonic, sinful and destructive, you won't fall for it in Jesus name. God bless you....

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