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Last day of Diabetes Awareness Month was Yesterday. Please know that Type 1 can strike at any age, not only children but Adults also. Many children are stricken with this disease when they are on Breast milk or formula...little ones that have never walked that will never know what it is like to eat without a shot associated with food. Please know the warning signs and if you run into a Type 1 Mom and she is a little snippy, she is exhausted, in the business of keeping her kid alive.

Maybe something that may help to understand this disease, a nurse told me this when Trey was diagnosed.

She told me to explain it this way: Insulin are boats in our blood stream. Insulin in our blood stream carries sugar to all of our vital organs. If our body does not receive sugar, because the "boats" are not operating/ Insulin is not being produced, the Carbs that we ingest in any form, are not able to float through the blood stream to get to our major organs through the insulin "boats". Organs will start to die, the body will start to consume energy in whatever form it can. Very simplified, but it actually helped me visualize what was happening. UcenterDress lace decorated items with sleeves to wear

Essentially The boats (insulin) are no longer being produced by the pancreas. If there are no "boats", insulin, the body will not receive the sugar/carbs that the body needs to live. It will start eating protein, organs and whatever it can to keep alive.

My son was diagnosed while he was on Diabetic Ketoacidosis. We came very close to losing him. Insulin is not a cure, but the only way a type 1 Diabetic will survive. His pancreas no longer makes insulin in anyway usable for his body. He will be insulin dependent until we have a cure.

Everything effects Blood sugar rates, but you and I do not know it because we do not see it...I DO now with Trey. A CGM can tell me when things are starting to happen, hormones and so so much more. If he had a bad day and is emotional-booom!! He ate something that did not metabolize the way we are used too...BOOM. The Athletics that he is involved with and highs and the low are just not predictable....BOOM. So So much more!! Tests, School, activities, his own mind!! HORMONES....Such a huge Boom.

The Bully that thinks he is being cute and showing off in front of his team but really being an asshole and the emotional/Blood Glucose repercussions are huge.....Boom.

His feeling of Love and Respect for me, his father and sister, and then we have a bad night and the guilt where he tells me a thousand times he is sorry...BOOM.

This was not his fault. We have no history of Type 1 Diabetes in our family or Charlie 's as far as we know. Less than 80+ years ago this was a fatal disease so we really do not know. It is so expensive and scary!!!

I Pray he will live up to his potential and be a worrier, and do more than survive, be successful and be the kind young adult that he is for his entire lifetime!!!

He is at my feet right now at 3 am because we know he will go low, made some miscalculations....Every night/day is a new adventure. We Love our son and our Daughter-Anna has also has had to live with this and her love for her Brother is overwhelming. It is difficult to have a sibling take a lot of the attention when you yourself are going through things. It is difficult all around, but also a blessing.

Our family is closer than it has ever been. 16+ hospital visits for Trey both here and in San Diego. A few really horrible ones for Anna where I thought she was going to have to get a Trach, thankfully she did not. It is not easy, but We Love Each other and if anything this, and the issues with my parents and family, have brought us closer as a family. I am very Proud of US!!! Thank Goodness we have a solid foundation of Faith.

I hate diabetes, Both T1 and T2. It has been devastating for so many people that we know, including our family. Please pray for a Cure and help out financially, do not make a stupid FAT JOKES about Candy, sugar filled food/Drinks and say it is Diabetes-so insulting. Be kind and respectful. This is a debilitating disease!!!

We are a very blessed Family, we came together and have not broken apart and fight every single day with all the health, financial, emotional stress. We are very lucky to have each other and such a wonderful group of friends that supports us as family!!!