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The President's Daughter And I... PART 10.:stories Love Stories They told me to relax, which i tried to but iwasn’t that comfortable. They both went inside.*Phone rings*Me: HelloCaller: Hi Victor, its Mirabel.Me: Hi Mirabel, how u doing?Mirabel: I’m Okay… I guess you’ve rested alot.Uhmm… are u at your place? So i could comeover so we’d talk or we can we go somewhereelse.Me: Uhmmm… I’m not around. I’m actually at afriend’s place.Mirabel: Would you be there for long?Me: Yes i guess. We’re busy with some stuffs(sh!t, i used we)Mirabel: We?Me: Yea, my friendsMirabel: OkCynthia and Lola walks in*Me: YeaMirabel: See u tomorrowMe: U too*Hangs up*They came in with food and orange drink. Wow!that got me excited and felt relaxed ‘coz i wasreally hungry. Instead of using the dinning,theychose to use the floor then Lola dragged me tothe floor. Cynthia opened it, wow! Fried riceandlots of chicken.Lola: This food is specially made for u, so eatalotMe: The food looks good, it will surely bedelicious, can’t wait to devour this ‘coz i’mf√cking hungry.Oopss! I didn’t know when the word ‘f√cking’came out from my mouth sh!t.Lola: Ughnnn…. see who’s talking dirtyMe: Uhrmm…Cynthia: Don’t worry, we won’t hold it againstu. It actually sounds sexy.(Can I please eat this food? Like now??)Me: *Silent*Cynthia: C’mon lets eat(Finally!)Lola served the meal, putting a small quantity offood in each plate. I was like ‘I no be ajebo likeuna o wey no dey eat much, put food for mejare’.We started eating… before i take a piece into mymouth, they’d both feed me with theirs then giveme a glass of juice to sip. It got meuncomfortable ‘coz i wasn’t enjoying eating itone by one, its so lame. Let them leave me toeat this food in peace jare hia! Even husbandand wife with fresh flowing love wouldn’t havetime for this nonsense.At last, they became full after eating what a 3years old kpako pikin would eat ×3, their fada!I kept eating, finished two plates, requested formore, eat again, drank more juice i wish theybrought yoghurt, i ate the meat eh… like it wasmy first time of eating it, but seriously i lovefood, especially the delicious ones and i’m nevershy when it comes to food. I almost finished allthe food they brought before i got full.Cynthia: Wow! Victor!! U want to kill yourself?!Lola: U eat like this?Me: You have no idea…*Using tooth pick*Cynthia: Woah… is this how u really eat?Me: Not really sha, i do eat normally. But, if afood like this one is brought to me? Iuncontrollably lost control.Cynthia: HhmmmMe: Thanks for the meal, u guys are great cook.Lola: U can get more of it whenever u want(*With a sexy look and voice*)Me: That’d be great!Cynthia went inside while Lola came closertome. She sat right beside me with her leg crossedrubbing my back, she then proceeded to offingthe buttons of my shirt, she began rubbingthehairs of my chest down to my tommy.Lola: So… did u really enjoy the food?*In aseductive voice*Me: Yea sure, absolutelyLola: Since u ate much, i guess its given u somestrength*Seductively*Me: Thats right (coded already)She began using her crossed leg to rub mylegsmiling seductively. I didn’t say or do anything, iwas just there looking around, my coolness thatmoment made me look like a complete amateurtowards reacting to a lady. The way she alsoreact towards me, made to think that she’sthinking that i’m an amateur, like me being thegentle-intelligent guy type. She kept doing thatuntil Cynthia came back holding a traycontaining a fine bottle and three wine glass.Cynthia: Guys,,, who care for some champagne?Lola: Me!They both stared at me with a written look ontheir face like “What about you?”Me: *Silent, just looking at them with a coysmile*Lola: Bring it girl!Cynthia brought it and*kpoop*she opened it,,, iwatch them screaming in excitement. Shehanded me a glass and pour some for me, forLola and for herself. I have never seen achampagne before more to talk of tasting it. Itook a sip, it didn’t taste bad then i drank it all.Lola added another one for me when i didn’t askfor more. I finished it within a short time.Cynthia: Huunnnn…. he’s enjoying it. Lola givehim more.What?! More?!! When they’re still on their firstglass?!!!….What are they thinking? I rememberwhen i was eating, they questioned me if wasgoing to kill myself ‘coz i’ve had alot. Now, theywant me to drink alot? To get me drunk?? Way!!Lola: *About to refill my glass*Me: No no no its Ok, i’m OkLola: Common… don’t be shy, drink its okMe? Don’t be shy??Me: No seriously i’m OkCynthia: Just a little more dearMe: Nop, not anymoreLola: Oh poor baaby…(she came seating on mylaps, she begin to caress my hair while rubbingher a$$ on the territory of vame)Cynthia stood up, switch on the music, shecame close to me, doing some sexy moves like astripper while Lola now felt more comfortable intwisting her a$$ up and down, left and right onvame’s territory and i think its about to getangry ‘coz of the invasion of its territory.Lola: *Whispering to my ears in a seductivetone* Do u like what you’re seeing?I didn’t say anything, i have to leave now orrestart what i had ended.Cynthia came over to me, she slowly unbuckledmy belt trying to off my trousers or something.Its either i leave now or never…I was about to get them off me in a gentlemanner before i heard the ringtone of my phone.It was Promise, she brought me into this, nowshe’s my heroine.Lola: Don’t pick it up (you say?)Me: I have to.I picked upMe: HelloPromise: How u doing?Me: What?! When??! How!Promise: What are u saying, are u ok?Me: Ok! I will be on my way right away.Promise: Hey!!I hanged up the call.Me: Guys, i have to go nowLola: Why? What happened??Me: My father collapse and he’s been taking tothe hospital. I have to go there now*arrangingmyself*Cynthia: Hope its not that serious?Me: I dunno yetCynthia: Ok, just take it easyMe: YeaLola: Maybe we should drop u up (what?!)Me: U guys would need to dress up and i don’thave the time to waitLola: Alright, hoping to see u tomorrowMe: Ok (keep hoping) Bye!I rushed out immediately running towards thegate before i heard my name with a familiarvoice, and it was from the first class wing. Iturned around to see someone, she wassurprised while i was shocked….To Be Continued UcenterDress destination wedding selections plus size for beach wedding