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"How can an awkward come-on in a workplace be anything like nonconsensual masturbation or rape, which some of these guys are accused of? They're not.

But I think we have to be clearer in talking about the fact...that these are workplace harms. This is professional, economic harm done to women in workplaces. Now, in some of the more extreme cases, they may also be sex crimes. But part of what we're talking about is a series of behaviors that really run from very minor to very serious that when taken as a whole constitute a range of behaviors that women in the public-professional sphere have been forced to spend time and energy within their careers working around and navigating and that has done them damage professionally. UcenterDress aline styled items to wear of the wedding

And the thing I keep wanting to stress is that if a guy tells a joke, a dirty joke or an offensive joke in a staff meeting, the harm done to a woman who is in that staff meeting, for instance, is not in the joke itself. It's that her reaction to the joke, her response to it can then contribute to her professional future.

Is she going to be liked less by her colleagues and her bosses? Is she going to be viewed as a threat because she doesn't play along? The harm isn't in the initial offense. The harm is in the accumulated energy that women have to spend navigating this stuff through so many stages of their careers. And so that's why part of my anxiety about this moment is that the conversations we're having too often become about the consequences for the accused, right? Is Al Franken going to resign? Matt Lauer was fired overnight.

We're talking about the consequences for the accused...And we're not talking about the bigger picture that's being revealed, which is the large, structural, systematic realities of how women's professional lives are lived versus how men's professional lives have been lived."

- Rebecca Traister