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While I may not agree with everything he's saying. I do appreciate the message. The "recovery" system is a money making cycle. A revolving door that sets you up to fail. What helped me more then any amount of groups or counselors? Manning the decision to get away from all of it. I isolate myself. I didn't go talk about it everyday and keep it in the forefront of my mind. I focused on other things in my life and eventually, I stopped thinking about it altogether. I didn't surround myself with other addicts talking about drugs day in and day out. My success wasn't dependant on how everyone else around me was doing also. Humans are wired with a predisposition for addictive behaviors. All animals are. If a rat is taught that a button will dispense cocaine, eventually that rat will lay down on that button until it dies. This is the reward center of the brain. It also rewards you for eating and sex, and all the things that keep a species alive. You have to make a conscious decision to not allow yourself to succumb to those baser animal instincts. Which means knowing your limitations and staying the fuck away from people and places that could threaten your success. Gathering together and frequenting the same places (court, counseling, groups, meetings) as all the people you used to get high with is probably not wise. Ucenter Dress full length mother of the bride wears look long