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Patrick, or Pato organizes town events. This day as I happen to witness is an ALL YELLOW ladies event. It is meant to be an event where ladies of any marriageable age can meet men of their choice. There are mock brides children to start off the event. Watching these young smartly dressed children perform mock weddings is usually a delight.

Unbeknown to the fully packed audience of yellow clad beautiful young lasses is the fact that the event is set from the go to fail. It is when many technical hitches come up and the whole frustration means that the event doesn't live to its initial billing.

Pato stays in his office. Many will simply give up and his psychological arithmetic means he just earned a cool sum such easily. Save for this one lady I happen to see go claim for her right. To be repaid her money. She is alone.

The kind of person she is dealing with though is a cold hearted criminal. Sexual harassment follows. The lady soon finds herself in a strange rural suburbs where she is molested to her death. Pato though is greatly injured in the debacle. Rescuers, I don't know whether they are law enforcers or not in their company come and carry the lady away.
Pato surprisingly wakes up and hasn't not only escaped the irate crowd, the arm of those who would have lynched him but gets away scot free!

What does the Bible say about Characters like Pato, excessive villains who even escape justice despite their wrongs? Is he any different to the devil? Why does God let the evil live?

The Bible says though the evil persist in their wickedness yet it shall be well with the righteous. We are not to envy the wicked, for though they persist in their wicket ways, they'll certainly be cut off. Everything that happens under the earth, including evil which is part of the set is firmly under God's hand. Though God does not do evil. Satan does, and is the source of all evil.

Did God create Satan? No. Certainly not. God created Lucifer, a perfect angel. While pleased with the quality of His life and wanting his created beings to partake in the quality of this rich life. He nevertheless gave us the power to choose. God took this risk knowing full well that we could decide not to choose him, to rebel against Him. Lucifer is the first to have made that bad decision.

Lucifer the perfect angel made himself into the devil, that serpent that leads the whole world astray. God did not destroy him wanting him to prove his alternative system that has only resulted in misery and suffering! Then to just show wickedness at its best, Satan incited religious leaders to crucify God's son by death on the cross. For having tempted man whom God had made and given dominion on the earth, he gained power over the earth and its kingdoms in the world. God's nature is love. He doesn't kill sinners. He didn't immediately destroy Satan and the angels that rebelled against Him for the fact that it would have defeated the intention if free will in the first place and secondly, the remaining angels, who comprised the majority would have served him not out of love, but fear! Ucenter Dress black tie formal outfits

The wages of sin being death, eternal separation from God, the cross makes possible the destruction of sin and its results, death, forever!